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Jolyn Colvin Realtor®

If you live or do business in Billings, Montana and you are interested in buying real estate, then you should contact Jolyn Colvin. She is one of the city's most successful real estate agents. She is hard working, detail oriented, and knows Billings, Montana and the surrounding communities well. She knows the ins and outs of the local real estate market and has been able to get extraordinary deals for both first time home buyers and experienced real estate investors. Jolyn Colvin has developed a reputation for being fast, efficient and effective when it comes to finding and closing deals on homes for sale.

What has impressed many people is not only the rapid growth of her real estate, but the quality of the deals she is able to get for her clients. Her secret is the copious amount of research she does and her excellent system for storing and retrieving the information on homes for sale in the Billings area. Buyers simply give her the description of the home they are looking for and the price they would like to pay, and with a few keystrokes she has homes for them to look at that matches their specifications. It seems like magic, but it's actually superior organizational skills.

Jolyn Colvin goes the extra mile every time

When you're looking for a new home or one that's previously owned, Jolyn Colvin is the person to call. While other real estate agents simply hand out their business cards and hope clients will come to them, Jolyn Colvin has amassed an impressive amount of information about the local real estate market which she is happy to share with house hunters. She has a mortgage calendar, featured listings, a wide variety of community resources and helpful insight about buying or selling a home in Billings. Plus, her real estate business has a growing online presence. While others are sipping coffee and saying they are Realtors®, Jolyn Colvin is out helping clients buy and sell homes.